Young Guns

Young guns is a music company that develop original acts from concept, provide bespoke live entertainment and create intriguing music experiences. Bespoke entertainment in the heart of London is where Young Guns excels, although international bookings are also a common occurence with high profile bands.

London Music Agency

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Livanos is a luxury twelve-piece party band catered towards high-end corporate and private events. The group includes a superb backing brass section, backing vocalists, dancers and percussionist to complement the core band of female and male vocals.

Their repertoire spans from the jazz greats to salsa, 50ā€™s rock nā€™ roll to contemporary classics ā€“ with the bulk of their set consisting of upbeat popular party tunes.

Having performed in Europe and The Middle East, Livanos have gained a strong reputation amongst elite party planners for delivering a high quality performance that encourages guests of all backgrounds and ages onto the dance floor. They are an ideal choice for celebrity parties, brand launches, weddings, and corporate events.

Individual members of the band have toured with: Leona Lewis, Il Divo, The Human League, Will Young, Girls Aloud, Mika, Leon Jackson and Ray Quinn.